Rising Car Wrap Trends in Dubai

Car Wrap

When you drive down the highway and see a car that catches your eye, how do you react? Do you wonder how many hours they spent to get it looking so good? Or consider the costs it must have taken to wrap the car like that?

For anyone who is looking to truly update their car without having to compromise the original car paint, car wrap is their answer. This revolutionary new methodology makes it easier to give your car a completely new look without having to damage your current paint. Whether you are looking to revamp your car to your personal taste or want to protect it, car foil is one of the best options. Additionally, car wraps are also used for advertising and branding. We have come across many car wrapping dubai which are specifically done to protect the car while also branding them with company designs to create more opportunities for marketing.

Rising Wrap Design: What are the favorites?

There is a rising trend amongst people to get the best car wrap foil in Dubai. Amongst the endless colors that Foilers offers, we see a major incline towards the following wrap design:

  • Metallic Black: This remains an all-time favorite for car enthusiasts because of the royal and stylish look it exudes. You will see a lot of cars in UAE with stylish colors, but the crowd favorite remains this metallic black. Whether you own a Range Rover, BMW or a Lamborghini, trust us when we say this car wrap will give your car an elegant look!
  • Green Khaki: If you are looking for a stylish, yet a different look then this car wrap is the perfect one for you! It is gaining a lot of popularity amongst the masses, especially when they want something that truly stands out from the rest. While people consider black as one of the safest colors, a green khaki look is more in trend currently.
  • Matte Black: Lastly, nothing can go wrong with matte and black! It gives your car the depth while adding a classy touch! We have wrapped numerous cars in Matte Black and each one of them have turned out to be absolutely amazing! No wonder most of our customers wish to get this car wrap for their cars!

The team at Foilers has a high standard for aesthetics, quality, and customer service. If you’re in the market for high quality car wrapping services with a dash of personality, then Foilers is the company you can trust. In case you are worried about the car wrap cost, rest assured you will get the best deals at Foilers. So what’s the wait? Call us now!


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