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Rims & Caliper Painting

Rims & Caliper Painting

Rims and caliper painting service will enhance your car’s appearance and provide a host of hidden benefits. Car owners often get disappointed when they see rust spots on the calipers of their cars. Calipers are a metal part used in the braking system of vehicles. They are found at both sides of each wheel and they help in rotating brake pads within brake drums. But as time passes, calipers may rust, which is not a good sign.

In our workshop, we follow a thorough and meticulous process for this type of service. But here is the good news! Before the painting process begins, we will start with removing current grime, rust deposits, and irregular surfaces. In other simple words, we make it clean for a completely spotless foundation.

We take it as a privilege that our customers trust us with the painting and polishing of their rims. We will ensure your brand-new rims and calipers are not only bright and polished but also clean and shiny.

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