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Paint Protection Film – PPF

Car Paint Protection Film

Get Professional Car Paint Protection Film Service in Dubai at Affordable Prices

PPF is advancing technology in vehicle paint protection. Science-driven innovation has developed a highly advanced and durable exterior protection you can give today’s vehicles. That’s where car ppf services come into play. At Foilers Dubai, we have a well-endowed range of car paint protection services which include lifetime warranty. Our workshop is home to a wide variety of top-grade automotive industry products that deliver car makeovers like none other. Whether it is adding a new color, finish or texture, or boosting your company’s branding with solid on-vehicle advertising, Foilers Dubai has car ppf solutions galore!

We like to keep things simple and straightforward for clients. Therefore, PPF services are executed as part of a streamlined process. We meet with clients, let them tell us their ppf needs, evaluate the car, propose our inputs, reach a mutual agreement, and get to work. The collaborative discussions lead us to our favorite stages of the paint protection process – Creation, Production, and Installation. Our talented team of mechanics, foilers and other technicians team up with you – of course – to realize your car vision. After the creative part is done with, we painstakingly work hard to deliver to you your car that’s been paint protected to perfection (after a series of double quality checks and inspections). 

Let’s give your car’s exterior and body a factory-finish and protection at our professional car PPF in Dubai, UAE. Fill up our website contact form or call us on +9714 2990072

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Frequently Asked Questions

Paint protection film, also known as a clear bra or PPF, protects your car against damage caused by things like rock chips and road debris. The PPF absorbs the impact before it can damage your car.

5 to 10 years

@Foilers we give you Lifetime Warranty
According to 3M, the folks who invented and continue to dominate the market, professionally installed polyurethane film or PPF should last from 5 to 10 years. In fact, these products often receive a warranty if the installation company is certified.

If you’ve bought new cars before you’ll have noticed that dealerships always make paint protection an add-on after you buy your new car. … And it really is a perfect time because paint protection is absolutely worth getting – without a doubt. But it’s not worth paying more than you should for it. Contact Foilers for Best Paint Protection Price