Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coatings? The Perfect Guide For You

Paint Protection Film

You work hard to make sure your car looks great, but the elements of nature aren’t always so kind. In the world of car care, there are many options for protecting your car’s paint. Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Ceramic Coatings are two popular options, but what’s the difference between these two products? When you’re choosing a car paint protection system—whether it’s PPF or Ceramic Coating—what will it accomplish for your car? And how do you make sure that you choose the right solution for your car’s needs? Read below to find out more.

What is Paint Protection Film?

PPF is advancing technology in vehicle paint protection. Science-driven innovation has developed a highly advanced and durable exterior protection you can give today’s vehicles. Paint Protection Film is a clear, hard coating that can be applied to any exterior painted surface on your car. It preserves the quality of your paint and reduces the risk of damage caused by rocks, road debris, chemicals, or other elements in its environment. PPF is a cost-effective way of protecting your car from these hazards.

What is Ceramic Coating?

A new car’s exterior is prone to damage from the elements. Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer applied to the exterior surfaces of a vehicle, which chemically bonds with the factory paint and creates a hydrophobic protective layer (water-repelling). The hydrophobic properties make it harder for contaminants to bond with your car’s paint.

Ceramic Coating will help to protect your vehicle’s finish against damage caused by acidic contaminants, chemical etches marks, and oxidation. As a result, your car doesn’t only get protective layering it also gets endowed with high-quality gloss and shine. To top it all, the ceramic paint protection keeps your car as good as new for the longest time.

Which one is better for you?

While both car care features share the similar purpose of protecting your car’s exterior in various ways, their significant differences will help you understand the most effective option for you.

-Paint Protection Film is thicker than Ceramic Coatings and has a chemical composition that allows it to self-heal. This quality makes Paint Protection Film able to absorb rock chips, small scratches, swirl marks, and hard water spots without being permanently disfigured.

-A Ceramic Coating can’t heal itself; however, it creates a hydrophobic surface that keeps water from sticking to your car’s paint. This feature is not seen in PPF, even though they come equipped with a clear hydrophobic coat.

-Ceramic Coatings are less capable of deep damage absorption, and they only work on the paint’s surface.

Despite these differences, both independently provide enough protection to increase the life and resale value of your car! But what if you combined the power of the two? That’s right! At Foilers Dubai, our experts give you the best technology and guarantee-based services, giving instant value to your vehicle. You can start by applying a layer of PPF on the integral parts of your car, more prone to scratches and debris which is then furnished with a nice coat of ceramic paint to lock all the benefits in. While major ceramic foil protection products are easily obtainable online, our team of technicians believes in indulging in quality checks and assurance. Therefore, at our workshop, we only store and use ceramic foil protection products and tools that meet our standards of product quality and integrity. Pre-installation and post-installation of the ceramic foil protection, our specialists ensure to conduct thorough inspections to see to it that the company and client’s expectations are fulfilled.

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