How to Protect Your Car Wrap from Damage

Car Wrap

Paint Protection Film is the perfect way to add some jazz to your ride or protect its paint from external harm. While the very purpose of a car foil is to provide an easy and cost-effective protection to the surface of your car, it too can easily be prone to damage. In order to ensure longer life of your car wrapping foil, here are some things you must avoid and ways in which you can protect your car wrap.

  1. Avoid car washes that use abrasive brushes: Using hard bristle brushes or abrasive cleaning supplies can cause the film to crack or lose its shine over time. In such cases, hand washing with non-toxic chemicals and soft sponges can be a more effective way of preserving the shiny appearance and gloss level of your film, making it last for a longer time.
  2. Be wary of unapproved cleaners: Using unapproved cleaning supplies reduces the life of your car wrap. Solvents, oil based cleaners, engine degreasers, orange oil or any corrosive materials are just some substances you must avoid allowing to come in contact with your vinyl wrap. We highly recommend using detergents with a pH balance value between 6 and 9 to wash your vehicle with.
  3. The best way to preserve your vehicle wrap is to park your car in the shade or in a garage: Even without human effort, car wraps can be prone to environmental damage such as UV rays, bird droppings, scratches from pebbles. Protecting your car from such unavoidable natural damages can be a good way to preserve your car wrap for a long period of time. Try to park under a shade or in your garage where the car can remain shielded.

Wraps for cars come in a number of colors and styles, but if they are not maintained, they will not give the same charm. It is important to maintain them so that they exude the right look at you wanted to achieve. It might seem daunting, but just a few precautions will help you maintain your car in tiop condition.

Whether you already have a wrapped car or wish to get one in the future, our team at Foilers is ready to guide you toward best choices for your Paint Protection Film and Car Wrapping UAE. Our experts offer excellent recommendations into choosing the best style for your ride and tips on maintaining it for a long period of time. To know more, contact us today!