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Ceramic Foil Protection Coating in Dubai

Let The Professionals Protect Your Vehicle by Ceramic Foil Protection

At Foilers Dubai, we like to continuously strive to infuse innovation in our services.  We are always at par with the latest developments trending in automotive chemistry, and it helps us to use ceramic foil protection products of the world’s best brands from across the world.

We work with a wide range of foil coating products, application techniques and technologies, and are fully aware of which ceramic foil product suits what care type. This intricate understand helps us to provide ceramic foil protection services that achieve the best results and meet customer expectations.

While major ceramic foil protection products are easily obtainable online, our team of technicians’ believes in indulging in quality check and assurance. Therefore, at our workshop we only store and use ceramic foil protection products and tools that meet our standards of product quality and integrity.

Pre-installation and post-installation of the ceramic foil protection, our specialists ensure to conduct thorough inspections to see to it that the company and client’s expectations are fulfilled. As far as the ceramic foil protection services are concerned, the benefits include: Abrasion and Swirl Resistance, Protection and UV Protection, Long Term Gloss Retention, Damage Absorption, Paint Thickness and Hardness, Chemical Resistance Checkup,  Safeguard against Bugs, Element Damage, Paint Surface Longevity, Long Term Cleanliness and Gloss Upkeep Guarantee.    

Let’s protect your car’s exterior with our professional ceramic foil protection service in Dubai, UAE. Fill up our contact form or call us on +9714 2990072

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ceramic coating and foiling is a better option when it comes to car care. Compared to factory paint and wax-based protection, a layer of ceramic coating does a far better job of protecting your car’s exteriors, and safeguards it against sun rays, dust, pollution and other elements. At Foilers, our technicians use the best quality ceramic coating products that ensure that your car withstands external factors, and maintains a good appearance in all weather conditions.

Yes, we can. Soon after the ceramic coating has cured, we can apply wax on the car’s exterior body. Our technicians ensure that the wax used is the carnauba wax. This wax should be applied on the car after every three to six months.

The first layer is the primer. The next layer is the base coasting – the color. And the final coating includes a series of clear coats – 2 or 3 which give the car semi-permanent protection.

The price point for ceramic coating services starts from AED [X] and goes up to AED [X].