Give your car a new look with Car wrapping UAE!


Car wrapping UAE has become a popular way to give your car a new look. It’s quick, affordable, and doesn’t require much work on your part. Our team at Foilers will give you an estimate of how many square feet of material we’ll need to cover your vehicle and how much it will cost based […]

Rising Car Wrap Trends in Dubai

Car Wrap

When you drive down the highway and see a car that catches your eye, how do you react? Do you wonder how many hours they spent to get it looking so good? Or consider the costs it must have taken to wrap the car like that? For anyone who is looking to truly update their […]

How to Protect Your Car Wrap from Damage

Car Wrap

Paint Protection Film is the perfect way to add some jazz to your ride or protect its paint from external harm. While the very purpose of a car foil is to provide an easy and cost-effective protection to the surface of your car, it too can easily be prone to damage. In order to ensure […]

Why Car Wrapping in Dubai is important?

Car Wrapping Dubai

If you love giving your car a new look, then car wrapping Dubai is your best bet! Car wraps are big sheets that are applied directly on your original paint. In Dubai car wrap foil is getting more and more popular. The demand for wraps for cars has increased significantly and it is something to […]