Professional Car Interior Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE

Get Complete Car Interior Cleaning & Upholstery Detailing Service

Our car interior detailers team has professionals who have certified know how and skill of how your car’s interior surfaces should be spruced up.  Our car detailing services are tailor-made according to your car type, age, and materials.  The team reviews your car’s interiors and determines how the surfaces should be treated. The products and technologies we use are ultra-modern. The detailing team measures the PH levels of the cleaners to ensure that there is proper cleaning and decontamination without any abrasion or damage.

Our car interior detailing services include:

  • Air conditioning germ & bacteria removal,
  • High pressure steam extraction,
  • Steam cleaning AC vents and upholstery,
  • Wet vacuum of carpet and upholstery,
  •  Vinyl and dashboard shining and protection,
  • Leather upholstery and fabric conditioning,
  • Enhancement detail,
  • Interior Pre-treat,
  • Steam cleaning and sanitizing,
  • Stain and pet hair removal, Odor removal,
  • Fabric dirt Cleaning,
  • Leather guard and conditioning,
  • Flat board cleaning,
  • Germ and bacterial decontamination.   

Let’s protect your car’s interior upholstery such as seats, dashboard and doors with our professional car interior cleaning & upholstery service in Dubai, UAE. Fill up our contact form or call us on +9714 2990072

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Frequently Asked Questions

As one of Dubai’s leading car care service providers, Foilers prides itself for offering the best market rates for comprehensive car detailing services to clients. The price point starts from AED X and can go up to AED X. The price point varies depending on the care type and make, and whether you want interior detailing, exterior detailing services, or both.

Ideally, we recommend our clients to add new detail in the car once every four to six months. That said, the frequency of car detailing depends on the car type, and how passionate you are about taking care of your car.

Car detailing essentially means giving your car a top-to-bottom makeover using specialized tools and processes. Car detailing comprises an array of car-care activities that include: corrections, paint restoration and superior interior and exterior detailing.

Yes, there are a handful of car care service providers in Dubai that offer door-step cleaning services.

Car detailing is an extensive process. Our car detailing experts make sure that they use industry standard products that are effective and do not cause hard damages to the interiors and exteriors of cars. The shampoos and detergents that are used for cleaning the cars have neutral or low-pH levels which ensure high lubricity that aid in the wax application and removal processes.

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