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Get Pro Car Foil Wrap Services in Dubai

Get Pro Car Foil Wrap Services in Dubai​

Get Professional Car Foiling Service in Dubai at Affordable Prices

Cars are a prized asset for car owners and their families. Considering the sentimental value attached to them, it is absolutely normal and necessary to ensure that your car appears to be in good shape – inside and outside.

That’s where car foil wrap services come into play.

At Foilers Dubai, we have a well-endowed range of car foil-wrap services, including color change, commercial wrapping, custom accents, and paint protection film.

Our workshop is home to a wide variety of top-grade automotive industry products that deliver car makeovers like none other.

Whether it is adding a new color, finish, texture, or boosting your company’s branding with solid on-vehicle advertising, Foilers Dubai has car foil wrap solutions galore!

We like to keep things simple and straightforward for clients. Therefore, foil-wrap services are executed as part of a streamlined process.

We meet with clients, let them tell us their foil-wrap needs, evaluate the car, propose our inputs, reach a mutual agreement, and get to work.

The collaborative discussions lead us to our favorite stages of the foil-wrap process – Creation, Production, and Installation. Our talented team of mechanics, foilers, and other technicians team up with you – of course – to realize your car vision.

After the creative part is done, we painstakingly work hard to deliver your car that’s been foil-wrapped to perfection (after a series of double quality checks and inspections). 

Let’s give your car’s exterior and body a brand new look at our professional car foiling in Dubai, UAE. Fill up our website contact form or call us on +9714 2990072

Car Foil Dubai Protects your car from harsh Dubai weather. Car wrapping service offered by Foilers is Top Rated and highly recommended by customers.

Fill up the form below. We’ll get back in 2 minutes Guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit us at the Foilers showroom and workshop situated in Gahoud, Dubai, and you can avail our car-wrapping and foiling services starting from AED 8000. With our comprehensive array of services that use that latest car-wrapping and foiling technologies you can give your car a complete makeover that it deserves!

Yes. At Foilers, we use a touchless system and run the car through a carwash session. We avoid the use of brush-supported car washes as there is risk of the car’s graphic getting damaged, dulled or scratched. Brush car washes are pressure-intensive and therefore not advised for wrapped cars.

Ideally, car wraps can last for up two years. But truth be told, there is no definite answer. The longevity of a car wrap typically depends on the vehicle’s usage, and how much it is exposed to factors such as sunlight, car wash frequency, dust and pollution, and other factors. If your car is out in the sun for longer periods of time then the durability of the wrap will be shorter.

Car wrapping involves covering three-quarters of the car in a large vinyl graphic. The graphic is directly applied onto the car’s original colour. Car wrapping allows car owners to give their vehicle a makeover in a short period of time. A full car wrap is a three-step process. First, our experts will take accurate measurements of the vehicle, and decide the size of the graphics that are to be applied. Next, the graphic design goes into production wherein it is printed and then laminated to safeguard the vinyl from UV rays and abrasions. The third and final phase is the installation of vinyl on the vehicle.