Nano Ceramic Car Paint Protection in Dubai

Have you a car that you want to give a ceramic car paint protection?

Foilers ceramic paint protection services in Dubai is the answer!

If you’re looking for premium quality ceramic car paint protection services for your car then Foilers Dubai is the venue for you! Using the best market products and coating technologies, our expert technicians collaborate with you and provide your car with the best ceramic paint protection. Sign up for our ceramic car paint protection services, and safeguard your car against external abrasions including paint fading, swirling, oxidation, bird droppings etc.

At Foilers Dubai, our team of coating specialists works with ceramic coating products that are infused with hydrophobic benefits. As a result, your car doesn’t only get protective layering it also gets endowed with high-quality gloss and shine. To top it all, the ceramic paint protection keeps your car as good as new for the longest time. The ceramic car paint protection services include decontamination and paint-correction processes which mean, you come to us with your imperfect car, and we return it to you looking as good as a new purchase!

Let’s protect your car’s exterior and body a factory-finish with our professional nano ceramic car paint protection services in Dubai, UAE. Fill up our contact form or call us on +9714 2990072

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of advantages. Broadly speaking, ceramic car paint protection ensures that your car looks clean, glossy and shiny for a longer period of time. The coating protects the car from dirt, scratches, and chemical abrasions.  It’s a cost-effective endeavor because if you decide to give car paint protection to your car then you will not need to get the car waxed.  

Typically, the curing process can take between 15 to 21 days. Essentially, the curing process depends on the level of protection you want to give your car. 

The average cost of ceramic paint protection in Dubai for car’s ranges between AED 1500 and AED 2000.